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This is not an usual article, the title says something about the content of this article. I made an exclusive interview with the founder of Shoutmeloud who has written 1380 articles till date (08.09.2010). Harsh Agarwal is known to be a professional blogger. He left his full time job to become a professional blogger. I hope everyone will enjoy reading this master piece of work. Do tell me your opinions in your comments.

1.We all know about you, formally give us a short introduction about you?

Ans : Hi Narendran Thanks for the interview and talking about myself I’m Harsh Agrawal, a Professional Blogger from New Delhi who has left his full time job to become a professional blogger. I blog at Shoutmeloud, callingallgeeks and run few services like Thesis customization service. You can connect me on twitter @denharsh.

2.When are you going to start your new venture?

Ans : I’m starting a company which will be focusing on Blogging and WordPress services in India. Registration of company is under process and I believe it should not take more than 2-3 months to complete whole process.

3.Do you have any idea of starting a social networking site?

Ans : I have been thinking about this but starting a social networking site needs lots of time which I’m afraid I can’t dedicate now. I was planning to use the power of buddypress to start a social networking site for Bloggers but realize it won’t be a great idea for now.

4.Whom do you say as your inspiration in your blogging carrier?

Ans : It’s not only one person but there are many people who inspired me for blogging. One of them is Darren from Problogger.net which cultivated the idea of blogging inside my head and his blog is a great resource for every blogger.

5.What made you to shift from your professional carrier to blogging and is there any unforgettable moment which still makes you to think about your Accenture life?

Ans : I was working with Convergys when I started blogging and I was waiting for joining date from Accenture. In between I left my job at Convergys and thought of giving a shot to full-time blogging, by the time Accenture invited me to join them as full time work, I was doing good with Blogging and took one of the toughest decision by opting for Professional blogging and I’m happy that I have taken this decision.

6.Can you say the reason why you left RT blog and what made you to take that decision?

Ans : It was nice working with rtBlogs as it’s always good to have a team than working alone, but to work together one should have clear vision and understanding of thinking. My and Rahul are two different people from two different world, though our vision are same but the way to achieve it are different. Since we worked together as a mutual agreement to give it a shot for 6 months, and after 6 months we decided to ride our own boat. :)

7.How often you go for a movie and which was your last movie that you watched in a theatre?

Ans : I’m a big movie freak and I go and watch atleast one move every week. Last one I saw was Step Up 3D and it’s a nice movie. If you are fan of dancing and have seen Step up 1 and Step up 2, I suggest don’t miss this movie and watch it in a theatre.

8.Feed burner is doing a bad job and still why do you use it?

Ans : One reason for using Feedburner is reliability in terms of delivery. I know stats are kind of causing issue to all the bloggers but I like it, because it delivers everything in time. I’m considering switching to Aweber soon.

9.Why you didn’t launch a forum & if you have any idea of launching a forum, do share with us?

Ans : Forum is something which I would love to start some day but not for now. I’m planning to start a Q & A forum like labnol did with his Answer forum. Since it will be on WordPress platform, I can happily manage it :)

I enjoyed answering your questions as they are not simple and boring interview questions :)

34 thoughts on “Exclusive Interview With Harsh Agarwal Founder of Shoutmeloud

  1. Needless to say, Harsh Agarwal is one of the top bloggers in India.

    Thanks Naren for this exclusive interview, through this I came to know some more details about Harsh.

    Waiting to see your company and new venture!! Kudos. :)

    Off topic : Tomorrow I’m going to watch Step Up 3D along with the admin of this site… :lol:

    1. Narendran .M says:

      :lol:, thanks for your comment dude!!

      1. Siva says:

        Nice Interview ..
        @harsh do you think , blogging will go for long run ?

    2. Hey Pradeep thanks for nice and kind words :)
      Meanwhile do go for Step up 3D and do let me know how was this movie for you.. :)

  2. Harsh is probably one of the prominent figures in Indian blogging !! i am reading his first and nice to know some of his ideas !!!

    1. Narendran .M says:

      its really true, thanks for your comment mate

    2. Thanks for your comment Sandeep… :)

  3. aatif says:

    I love to visit shoutmeloud . Harsh is a good blogger . Great interview

    1. Narendran .M says:

      bro, thanks for your comment.. obviously he is a great blogger :)

    2. Aatif it’s always a pleasure to see you around SML and more over your comments are always helpful.. Thanks for being a part of the community and for your comment here. :)

  4. Devesh says:


    Really awesome interview. Harsh is one of my favorite blogger :).

    Thanks for the awesome interview dude.

    1. Devesh Thanks for putting me in your fav Blogger list :)

  5. Like Darren for his inspiration in blogging, Harsh is for me. I was not doing well with my day job and I made the decision to become a problogger. I am on the road and its going well for me till now. In between, awesome interview Narendran.

    1. Thanks Sathish for such big words but I have not done anything…It’s always your work which is paying you off well….The best thing which you did is you have taken the right path in terms of Blogging now :)
      Best of luck!!

  6. sureshpeters says:

    hey awsome interview…but every blogger will be having a choosing job or carrier in his life…harsh..has choosed a gr8 way :)

    1. Suresh when you have to decide between Job and professional Blogging, this is one of the toughest decision of any1 life… I feel lucky that I have chosen blogging as my profession….

  7. Am a big big big fan of Harsh. Look up to him like the God of blogging in India…no doubt Amit from Labnol is successful. But Harsh is simply great!

    1. Narendran .M says:


      Thanks for your comments :)

    2. Thanks Vivek, such words coming from you make me feel good. Though I couldn’t even compare myself with Amit agarwal, he is a mentor for every Indian blogger..Is int it??

      1. I guess I can relate to you.

  8. Akshay says:

    harsh is a great inspiration for new bloggers such as me :) :)

    1. Thanks Akshay for your comment but it’s not me , it’s the awesome community around shoutmeloud and that community is created by Bloggers and readers like you….. Thanks for being a part of the community.

  9. Jose Tinto says:

    Nice interview. Interesting to know some cool info about Harsh.

  10. Good Interview. Perhaps, read some new questions in addition to the old set of questions which are asked to harsh. All the best for your new venture :-) And I know you have a motive of making India proud by it.

  11. Harsh is definately one of the ace bloggers from India and source of inspiration for many budding bloggers like me..One thing that i like in him is that he never hesitates in publishing any kind of stuff which is useful for his readers…even if it means sharing some strategic stuff.

    All the best Harsh!

  12. Davinder says:

    Clear answers… keep rocking Harsh!

  13. Excellent Interview and solid answers from harsh .

  14. One particular matter that i like in him is that he in no way hesitates in publishing any form of stuff which is useful for his readers…even if it implies sharing some strategic material.

  15. One particular unique matter that i like in him is the fact that he in no way hesitates in publishing any form of things which is useful for his readers…even if it implies sharing some strategic material.

  16. Kunal says:

    Harsh is doing really great, and I’m his great fan.
    He has been helping me alot since am new to blogosphere. But he helps me for everything.
    He is a role model to me. I dont follow Darren and John much , but I follow you Harsh.
    Glad to read your inspiring interview.
    Muje interview kab de rahe ho yaar…..?

  17. Harsh is an icon for the young and newbie bloggers…he is a source of inspiration to me..

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